Black Cat Coffee

So I found a cool place I found via Yelp which I will give 5 stars because I will be honest I am not thrilled to be here but I decided to get up and find a coffee-shop every weekend. This one is a favorite already. The barista is very nice and gave me permission to mention the website. So here we go.

Black Cat Coffee is in Phoenix AZ. I was actually told by a cool new buddy at the bank. Shes actually my banker now. I am glad I follow them on instagram and decided to check them out. What did I get? Espresso to the third! You know how I am about my coffee guys and I have to say they do take their time. My photographer got pomegranate green tea. She loves it. Its very good and not only that she had so many other teas here to chose from. 
Please check out their site. Here 
Verdict: Nice atmosphere. I can come here to cope with desert life. 
Ps: outfit: Shirt: Anthropologie  Skirt : Ann Taylor Loft


Erika Sorocco said…
Lovelove the name of this place - so cute! Also pertinent...that lippy color is perf on you!

P.S. It is so awesome that you speak 3 languages!!


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