While I was out..


I am back so to speak. Classes has started so yes I am back. lol So guess what? I had a frappichino for the first time in ten years. Let that sink in...... Yes in high school I had a good friend and her and I would drink them like it was liquid gold; therefore sparking my Starbucks addiction. But the other day, I thought about it. I had my free drink reward and I saw the new espresso frappichino. Eh hey why not try it? To make it better the barista added her own extra espresso twist and Italian espresso drizzle. I was like whoa. Okay. I liked it and it was a  walk down memory lane thing that I will do again. Lol I stepped out of my box and it was okay people! Behold the espresso deluxe frappichino.

Enjoy xxx


Erika Sorocco said…
Ooh that looks yum! I can never resist a good Frap!


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