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Cartel Coffee Trip 2

So, I am loving that I can taste coffee from the west. You can tell  that there are a lot of the influences that comes to play . I love also telling the baristas about the east and they are not only intrigued but it makes them want to visit. Hey I give credit to the ones who deserve it. I miss Chinatown Coffee Co. and Grumpy Coffee and all of the shops in between, ( and the espresso bars a swoon over ) Sometimes its cool just to sit and when asked tell them about the caffeinated life in the cities that they may have only seen on TV. its no fairy tale. Its real. We aren't as mean as they think we are.

 I am a product of it lol. I am a sorta  caffeine expert I like to say though its so much to learn about cold coffee and new devices, but I am willing to learn and that says a lot. Many may say its bad but its not. I think at times people do not know how to complement and turns into negativity. Good thing I do not take it the wrong way.

So I had a Americano. Just a bit of hot water with moi espresso I can get with it. They love it in other countries. 


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