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An Espresso drink not yet shaken

Hey there. Hows your Friday? I am going to do this post for next week and the coffee inspiration post after this. Then I will see you week after next. You know how the coffee blog is ( free spirited) and so not on a regular posting scheduled.In other news, it has been a long week. So  much has happened. Not too much happy more irritating and confusing, just having me reach for a cup of coffee to regroup.

 But yeah, do you see the picture above? The bubbles form when you shake espresso up and then pour it into a cup. I have seen this so many times and at times it is too much and I hand the cup back. Ice, espresso, soy milk, and classic syrup is the mix here. Bubbles come to the top for air, and its because they are lighter than the whole drink. As you can see that the milk is in the middle and the syrup is heavier than the espresso; which blows my mind.

But when you milk it , if made correctly; will form nicely and a dark- ish milky color. Perfection.
Happy Caffeinated Weekend


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