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Flat White Tasting

Hi all

I have been asked a few times to do this so I am !!!. I am not feeling so great but hey I cant abandon moi blog!. Okay now lets go over what his is all about.

First off a Flat White is (in my own words)  from Australia and its espresso with milk and a thin layer of foam, unlike a cappuccino that has a heavy amount of it a flat white isn't and I think it has a sweeter note. I feel its a mixture of a cappuccino, late, cortado. Its very good and I for once do not use a lot of sugar as I am known for. Its taste is subtle but then comes back and takes one for the team. Ah, Starbucks did a great job of making it into one of their new drinks. I have had it before and there isn't too much of a taste difference, just minus the foam art( I live for it ). Here are my pictures of the many I have had just in the two weeks of drinking it here in the west.


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