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Bronx, but ( resides in Washington DC), New York City, District Of Columbia , United States
Blogger for over 10 years !!!!!!( two blogs)Doctor of Business Student, New small business owner I live for god, anime, coffee, rain boots, food and my cats.

First Official Coffee Date (Since moving back to the east coast)

Hey everyone

I set time aside to share a great new coffee shop discovery. I decided to go somewhere I haven't been in a while to run some errands and met a friend there. We were hungry and decided to find a place to eat which that will be on my other blog. But before we went to eat at an old favorite, we ran into this place. Its called Tynan Coffee &Tea I love it ! I also written a review on yelp so if you are a friend up there check it out!! He had tea and I had a very good soy Cortado. I give this place a good review not jut because of the location, but the staff and the service. Its a new hang out spot.


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