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Happy National Coffee Day !!!

*I had a bad internet outage yesterday but I didn't forget about it, I had written it ahead of time just added pictures*

Happy National Coffee Day!

You know I was happy! Not only did I have coffee from everywhere but I shared with friends and family in this gloomy time we are having. I was very educational to them and they loved me explaining the different aspects of coffee to them, like...

  • Espresso- compressed coffee steamed

  • Latte- Espresso and hot water

  • Cafe au lait- Coffee and milk 

Starbucks double shot ( espresso) on ice with 12 pumps of classic( syrup)  and breve ( half and half)  or soy; its funny when I send my friend or my mom to get one for me they all confused and I repeat it slow lol.

 Did you take advantage of free coffee today? I did and so did people I know who kindly messaged me their pictures,

Ah the joy of sharing that caffeinated joy with everyone. Here are some fun facts that I have looked up over the years and tried or discovered,

  • If you really want a jolt drink a light roast coffee, it is not as dark as dark roast being that it didn't sit and soak for a long time. Therefore making it a lot stronger than dark roast; dark roast is great for a flavor boost.
  • Try to have your last cup by noon, because it takes all day for the caffeine to be used up in your body.
  • If you do not like coffee try certain teas that will give you a boost, or better yet ice coffee seems to do the trick.
  • Carbonated coffee is a new trend here in the states but not in places in Europe; where its a staple.
  • Watching calories?  skim, half and half, and soy are great add-on alternatives.
  • Coffee doesn't stunt your growth, thank genetics for that one.

Until a week or so from now stay caffeinated 


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