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Coffee Conversations : Coffeehouse Attire

Happy Friday 


What are your plans for the weekend? I plan on getting work done and maybe some coffee and conversation. I have a slight headache so I think I am for once taking it easy tonight. The pic above is from Peets Coffee . Ever been? Its a Cali based company that is starting to make waves here in the DC area. I think they are cool.

Which brings me to this thought: I like coffeehouses that people dress and be themselves and not so much suit and tie thing. I mean do you want that all the time?

 The dress has nothing to do with someone's personality all the time and they can be a mean person and still dress up or have that company's' proper attire on ,so I hope many mainstream companies get a hint and see that most of their traffic are younger people. Saying please and thank you in a uniform doesn't make the company better. I think the concept was taken a bit overboard and it is losing meaning, but that's just me. I see that certain shops that as they would call "mom and pop" shops are down to earth, nice dress like you and I and you can hold a real conversation with.

Any thoughts on that ? I would love to hear it in the comments below.


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