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Its Cold Outside ( Coffeehouse Outfit Inspiration Post)

I wake up its hot, but cold out then turn around and see that Tomo isn't here. She's still with her nana and I have so much to do with not much time in between and did I mention money? The swift transfer between jobs is hard when you can't do one because the other has a lot of running around to do with it. Am I complaining? Eh.........

I promise one more post of my drink today, but now its cold and I have to leave soon, what do you wear under your coat,hat,scarf and gloves? This is what I wear
( I promise to do more shots next time, I not good at it lol)

                                                 Sweater ( sold out) SimplyBE
                                                 Leggings (olive green) Forever 21
                                                 Shirt Ann Taylor
                                                 Drink Starbucks Double Shot (12cl/breve)

I like an oversize sweater and leggings and hey my many Ann Taylor tops, if you know me you know I love them for those and their skirts,perfume lol Anywho, what do you wear for your daily coffee-run?


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