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Monthly Coffee Poll Answer

Hey everyone

I want to say thank you for taking the time to vote. If you voted via my other blogs thank you also. The answer is..........

Peets Coffee

A. Brewed

If you are not having an aha moment yet, then allow me to give you a sited answer and my version.
Though you would think that instant would have more caffeine thus making it stronger due to the fact that it sounds like it has more caffeine per scoop sounds very accurate. But instant coffee has about half the amount of caffeine that brewed does because of the water content in it. ( Source) Now compared to an Americano it has way less caffeine ( Source

In all, in order to make instant you have to have components that take away from the caffeine content. Not saying that there aren't any out there that doesn't pack a punch, or like instant espresso; it just keeps you going until you are able to get to a coffeehouse and have a freshly made cup of joe. So again it goes on your preference and also your bodies reaction to caffeine. I was told that some people are just fine with instant and its enough caffeine for them; for me depends on the type. If not I felt like I  just had a cup of coffee flavored water.

Thoughts? Additions? Questions? 

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