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Peets Coffee Run: Coconut Blacktie

If you are in the west coast okay you may know or heard of Peets and in some places on the east coast such as here in Washington DC and mostly big cities and airports oh and in your local supermarket, you have seen the brand. I am blessed to have a few by me and one is coming even closer to me and I cant wait!!!!!!! I have received a coupon via the Peets Website (newsletter signup) and I ran to go try out the lovely selection of drinks that has coconut milk in it.

Now if you know me I do not like coconut juice. Milk I can work with when its mixed in something so I was a bit reluctant to try it but I love the black tie which is their cold brew. So yes I had it, loved it and its what I drink ! lol Try it, tell me how it is. I will say that its sweet and thats right up my alley because the sweeter the better for me!

Always try new things I say, if you do not know if you are allergic, simply look up what its made of and be educated before you walk in and try . Since I have a lot of food allergies you would think I would be afraid , not so much I have a vast knowledge and plus I love food and coffee so I am like there will be a variation made that I can drink of the same coffee drink lol.

Cold brew and a dash of sweetness with the creamy coconut milk to contrast the dark offset of the potent black coffee. I love it I have nothing bad to say.

*note these are my lovely opinions and I was not contacted by Peets to write this. It is my own and my caffeinated view*


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