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Starbucks Daily Coffee Run: Carmel Espresso Granita

Hey my caffeinated friends!

Yes you know I was all over the new sunset menu at Starbucks when I received the email Monday. Yummy summery things after 3, lets do this!

What caught my eye was the above. the Caramel Espresso Granita. No I am not a caramel fan but I am a huge espresso fan (like you didn't know that) and well I winged it and got it because I had to find out how this slushy like drink would taste like with espresso and caramel poured on top. Verdict? It was good! I want it sweeter though. I would ask for classic syrup I have to have it a dash sweeter then I would have it as a treat once a week. Hey I have to continue to spoil myself with treats.

Icy/strong and sweet its my personality as a whole. Its a work of art. Also like me lol

Good job starbucks. I am on board with this one.

*note these are my lovely opinions and I was not contacted by Starbucks to write this. It is my own and my caffeinated review of a place I go to twice a day*


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