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Coffee Confessions: Cold Brew Love

Hey all

If you know me, I am an espresso lover. But since it's becoming hot, I am an iced espresso lover lol. Until I started to give Cold Brew a try. I want to post my attempt at a Cold Brew method via Starbucks. But for now, I am enjoying even at this moment a cup of cafe made cold brew. I love the concept of allowing brewed coffee sit in the refrigerator for a while. It does come out to be stronger than you would think. Here are two sites that I use and could help you with your cold brew process.

Coconut Black tie (cold brew) from Peets Coffee &Tea ( if you look at the date it was taken exactly a year ago today!)

Food 52 Cold-Brew recipe

New York Times Cooking- Cold Brew recipe

But if you are like me and at times forget to buy the kit or make it on my own with brewed coffee, here are two other than the one above who makes the best other than Starbucks.
Coconut Black tie (cold brew) from Peets Coffee &Tea

Free to kick off Cold Brew season at Le Pain Quotidien

Nitro Cold Brew Latte from Whole Foods


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