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New Caffinated Find: The Wydown

Hey everyone!

If you have migrated here via my Unexplained Thoughts Lifestyle Blog welcome, if you read this lovely big monthly( weekly if I am in a good mood) blog then hiya miss you all! Now I thought I would add another series to this blog since I only have a few. How does it sound? I will try either new coffee or coffeehouses and write about it. Tell me what you think!

Iced Vanilla Latte

So The Wyndown is located on HStreet NE, Washington DC. Next to the Whole Foods. It is attached to the Apollo Condos and its hands down a lovely coffeehouse. It is a great spot to catch up on reading, do some work or just have an intimate conversation. I ordered an Iced Vanilla Latte and added a tad bit of syrup. I snapped a pic and had to share it with you. This is what I look for in a latte.

  • Iced 
  • Not watery due to, too much ice
  • Crisp but smooth espresso finish
  • Quality of the syrup 
I have no complaints. I usually have the issues above at times, but the baristas as very skilled at his muse and I were delighted to see how well it came out. So now when included I walk in there and get my latte. When I sit and take in the environment I will do another post to let you know the coffeehouse feel of the place. 


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