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How to steep and make Ice Coffee

Yes, you heard it correct!!!! I decided to give it a try because I want to save money and going out a few times a day every day isn't great for my new budget plan. Well at least until I do this special announcement that will be at the end of this blog. So let's say I am saving up for that also lol Coffee addition is so pricey. I do know that many people make these different ways, but with research and trail and error having the best coffee and measurements help. In this, I used Peets Coffee "House Blend" Dark Roast and had it grounded to espresso. Using a French Press is easier but if not I am doing a Mason jar below.

How to make Ice Coffee ( steeping method)
2 servings 

Mason Jar Steeping 

  1. 3/8 cup of coffee
  2. 2 cups of water
  3. Add to mason jar ( or french press)
  4. Leave for 12-24 hours
  5. Strain with cheesecloth ( push down French Press)
  6. Serve w/ice black or with milk and sweetener.

Coffee Strained 
Ps. I make mine with my press but to make more I make extra in mason jars( wanted to show how easy it is to make it) below are three links that will help you get started, pick one and put your own twist.

  1. Link One
  2. Link two
  3. Link three
Let me know if you try one of the links or my version. Comment below or shoot me an email! 

* new 13 part series is coming up in the next month stay tuned*


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