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New Caffeinated Finds: Chai-ppuccino from Tryst DC

Chai-ppuccino via Tryst

I went out a few weeks ago with a lovely friend for dinner and stopped for after dinner coffee.
This was when I ran into the Chaippuccino. For years Tryst has been my go to, and I take people I adore here. I want to say that its been 13 years since I stumbled across this coffee bar and I still visit every chance I get. Now, let me warn you that my drink was a bit altered and had some extra shots in it, so the original taste will be more mellow than in the picture above. A few notes.

  •  Cinnamon notes 
  • Spicy notes
  • House blend coffee taste
  • Chai soothing after notes
In all, when in DC check out the place above. It is very unique not to mention cozy, loud and you can go with or without people and feel included. If you try this drink, mention your notes below. 


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