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Early mornin chai tea latte

well im home and its like after 2am. when most are sleep urs truely is awake worring about the facts of life. Sad isnt it? I think that because of being this age and having a lot on my plate and not being able to account for all of ,is pretty sad. I really know how it is not to have people believe in u but to tell u the truth ur doing a good thing but its not wat they want......
I think that drinkin this coffee is calmin me down maybe I will try to lay down.....I doubt it lol I have work to do and I better start on my accountin work now cus u noe wat? it takes me days to do it cus i dont get it. I feel so special. Anyway I saw a great band tontie and WOOOT!!! did they rock. I think u all should check them out too they have potential just keep on da rite track boys!!!!!. And they are all so adorable.loloh my bad did i say something wrong dnt quote me on this i charge!!!! but yeah heres my coffee blog, I really have to take a chill pill but in life i cant u cant we cant then u have no life. rite?


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