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Love Letter


Okay this blog is for someone.Dont assume it is u unless I sent you the blog then get the hint already. I hate love letters that arent to friends but I was told to try it so here it goes......

Dear ( your name)

I have a hard time explainin how I feel about you because I guess Its been a long time. I have been through so very much with you and it kills me to think about it everyday. I have to pray at times not to choke u in my sleep because of all the stress you bring with you. You are very stressful.

You are my IBM pen protector wearing, anime watching, starwars actin, computin hackin genus and I have to say wit out any of that ( oh and the glasses) you wouldnt be you. I wouldnt change you for the world ( ok maybe your cloths) But you take me as I am and I really appropriate that though im very mean about it.

Though we are never ever together I deal wit it not for long but I do because you are always my friend. some times I question that but watever that will be answered later.

You know I hate flowers and chocolates and never want anything glamorous. You always know that I dont want a superman or a batman i prefer an anime boy with glass just like you. Though I can go and find those things they will never be you ,but just wait til i figure that out.

I feel as if i were to explain this to you that you would never let this down and that I would cry and like a girl . ( who would of thought of that?) so bloggin it is keepin me strait and giving me the urge to one day maybe read this in front of a lot of people hopin u will be right in front of me when i read this.

So i end this saying that maybe i kinda like you a lot and maybe this is a love letter and yes maybe we will cross paths again one day....




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