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Drinking Coffee in Sunnyside, Queens

Ohayou dedicated coffee drinkers. 

I am sorrwie that I havent blogged lately. I have been just waiting for some good moments to arrive. I need pictures to tell my stories. So you all can feel the momentum and if you love coffee like me, smell it too. lol This blog is about coffee I seem to drink every year when I go visit my nieces grandmother. For those who do not know, my niece who you see in the picture in the front of my other blog is half Ecuadorian. Her grandmother lives in Queens right up the street from Flushing! I wanna live in Flushing lol.Like where the nanny is from lol . You know I loved that show because it was about New York.

But, I digress.............note this was all just three weeks ago.

So we get there and as always I take a pic of where she lives. Its wonderful . Then we greeted her, and she starts to asked my niece about things , school and so forth then she makes us something to eat. I always get coffee with my food because her ecuadorian coffee is simply the best! When she goes visits home she brings stuff back. I should ask her to bring me some back. I love it American coffee just doesnt do anything. 

So  below are the pics. one of where she lives, very pretty. The other, Of me drinking the coffee. I love how the milk is warmed up in the tea cup first, handed to me then I add the coffee and sugar. It was and always is a blissful feeling. Thanks to my nieces grandmother for this wonderful feeling. 

I feel as if you should always try new things. Hey you may like it, I have for years now. Its just the new feeling of being when I drink it. I think my caffeine inclined friends will agree that is what loving coffee is all about and yet another on of my coffee confessionals.  


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