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Coffee Conversations 3: More about moi

Hi there,

I know I have missed a post or two do not worry I am on it ASAP. So, again I am running into such dull people and I have to introduce myself, I tell you if I was the type of person that I was in high-school, I would of taken this and the other  blog down. people can be harsh, and I could care less. But it doesn't hurt to tell you some things. I get asked , so here allow me to tell you. A lot of it is public knowledge; maybe they are too self absorbed to care. 

  • I am from NYC, yes I say "car" coffee" and "talk" a bit different. Oh and a bonus, there are other boroughs other than Brooklyn and Manhattan, The Bronx is one of them; I am from there. Now let that sink in.........
  • If my grammar and such upsets you, feel free to read other blogs. It is okay, this is not even professional. But I get more compliments than a few. I mean from you know people in high command. I guess your complaining is nothing to me. 
  • No I am not a fashion blogger. Maybe if I were I would have more readers. No I am fine. ( lol) But yeah look in my closet though.....you would wonder why I am not showing off my clothing.
  • I have this slight obsession with cats, yes its healthy just ask my cat.
  • Yes I know I look great, your stares just helps with my next shopping (internet) escapade . 
  • College: Yes I go, have a few degrees. But what I am really proud of are the blogs I have. 
  • Stop judging others by appearance. I drive a tinted car with nice rims and a " love my cat" sticker in the back.....yeah let that also sink in.
  • I have learned yet again this week that people are harsh. Let them speak then smile, say thank you and remember how awesome you are. Man how can I not? My hair laid down perfectly this morning at 5am. 
  • Thank you and until next post or post after next ( national coffee day) be good and stay caffeinated. 


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