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Stove Top Espresso Maker Tutorial : Featuring Ikea products

Hey all,

I was avoiding my homework and thought, hey since friends are asking me how to use a stovetop espresso maker, why not show them? I convinced everyone to get one and now they will have a step by step visual courtesy of my iPhone pictures lol This will be featuring Ikea products and there will be a disclaimer at the end. How do you like your espresso?

Stove Top Espresso

Yields 6 cups 


  • Espresso (ground not finely) 
  • Cream, sugar, milk etc

  • Espresso cup(s)
  • Stove Top Espresso Maker

Step one: Fill the bottom half ( it unscrews) with cold water up to where the nozzle is.  

Step two: Fill the funnel with espresso stopping at the line.

Step three: Place on high (boil setting) on the stove.

Step four: Wait until the top half fills, then take off the stove.

Step five: Pour in cups and enjoy with a favorite additive. 

 In picture Ikea Stove Top Espresso MakerIkea Espresso Cups ( similar)Ikea "Patar" Espresso CoffeeAnthropologie "Calligrapher Monogram" Plate

*Disclaimer* I was not paid to state my opinion about Ikea espresso based products. These are my own opinions not influenced by a third party.


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