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New Caffeinated Find: Nordstrom : Iced & Blended Vanilla latte

I am a huge fan of Nordstroms Cafes, especially their Espresso shop. I decided to pay a visit to the shop twice in one week!  They ran about $5.50 on average and upon request, I was told that Nordstrom has their beans fair traded and have their own distributors. Once again some research will have to be done to know more about their coffee bean origins.

Verdict: Pricy!! but great tasting. The best part will have to be the choice of milk asked while in the process of preparing. Very smooth and even with quad shots I did not taste a bitter nor bland taste as I do with some drinks. It can be because of the machine, person or bean being used. I think any drink blended is amazing, it gives more body. Try one and let me know your opinion.


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